There's a new NES game in 2016...what a time to be alive. Super Russian Roulette first got its start on Kickstarter where it raised $84,263 to make this new party game a reality! Super Russian Roulette is a party game utilizing the much loved Nintendo Zapper. While it looks fun enough to go on eBay and find yourself a console to play it on, make sure you have a CRT monitor to go with it! New flat screens don't work with the Zapper unfortunately. Here's a description from the creators...

Inspired by the best kinds of bar games (ones with simple rules that become more enjoyable the longer you play), by goofing around, and by my generation’s childlike enthusiasm for that piece of gray plastic, Super Russian Roulette (SRR) is a brand new party game for the NES. One unhinged 8-bit cowboy is prepared to call you yellow, call you crazy, mourn your death, or kick up his boots for the last time. One bullet waits in the light gun’s chamber. You, up to two friends, and The Cowboy take turns passing the pistol, spinning the chamber (or not!), and drinking to your own demise (or not).

Unfortunately, doesn't look like anyone outside of the initial backers will be getting a copy. Keep track of them on Kickstarter for updates on whether or not that will change, and check out the trialer below.