Ubisoft's Bringing MONOPOLY to the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Direct has revealed that Ubisoft plans to bring the classic board game Monopoly to the Nintendo Switch! You can plan to have this game added to your library this Fall season.

This will give you the chance to have the board game on the go and available to be played with up to six players, either online or offline. Of course, you could still play at home on your TV screen.

Ubisoft mentioned that players can feel the dice roll with the HD Rumble feature and will have "new rules." There is going to be rewards that players can win, exclusive content to unlock, and players can see the city prosper as they progress through the game.

I have to say that while that sounds interesting, I hope that this is merely going to be an option and will also offer the classic version of the game as well. But what playable pieces do you think they will have? The new standard eight pieces, the classic standard eight pieces, or perhaps a selectable catalog that include multiple options (seen above) from the recent vote?

Source: Nintendo Life

Check out the Reveal Trailer: