Upcoming Indie Multiplayer DUE PROCESS Looks To Be An Interesting Twist On PvP Gaming


Indie developers have been reaching into the unique player verse player multiplayer field and creating some interesting game modes. It wasn't long ago that we got a first taste of stealth assassination game Murderous Pursuits, but now we are looking at a different take on the Rainbow Six type of multiplayer action.

The developers of award winning What Remains of Edith Finch, Annapurna Interactive, have joined with Giant Enemy Crab to create the first procedurally generated map FPS multiplayer game. Due Process will be a 5v5 territory battle that will require strategy and teamwork to win each map. Check out the announcement trailer:

The option to have a drop down view of the map, mid battle, to let players strategize is a feature that will completely change the flow of battle. It is interesting to see such a unique set up for a player vs player focused game.

It seems like a fun party game to play with friends, but that leaves the question of how well the gameplay will be when playing solo. Either way, I look forward to the launch of a demo to try the game out and see for myself. What do you think of Due Process?