Users Say SEGA FOREVER Titles Riddled With Bugs

While fans love the concept of Sega Forever and the ability to play their favorite Sega titles on their mobile phones for free, many are complaining with issues related to performance on the games. Frame rate drops, audio out of sync, and input lag have been found on even phones on the higher end of technology, and many are pointing to the Unity emulation the company opted for as opposed to a native platform for their emulation.

As for Sega, they're going with defragmentation as their excuse. Sega's Mike Evans shares more:

"If you look at all the different OSs, all the different devices—with mobile, as you go live, you get some feedback which you can't get within a sandbox environment. What we're doing is taking that and continue working on it, and try and get every instance of every OS in advance...we've got some really good updates coming out soon which will address some of the challenges of the d-pad, some of the shading as well that we're looking at how to improve. It's just the start of things."

The good news in that statement is that it looks like Sega has a fix on the way. That sounds good to me, as I've been wanting to play Comix Zone for awhile but have been leery after hearing of the problems. How has your experience been with Sega Forever so far? 

Source: Ars Technica