VAMPYR Is Getting A Story-Focused Mode Plus A Few 'Optimization Tweaks'

GT_Vampyr_00 (1).jpg

It appears that developer Dontnod isn't done with Vampyr just yet as the studio just released an update that aims to introduce optimization tweaks to the game. During Vampyr's release last June, PC players encountered performance issues despite playing on high-end hardware, so hopefully, this will get addressed in the update. You can check out the full patch notes of the update here.  Furthermore, Dontnod also announced a future update this summer that will introduce two modes and more improvements to the game. 

Regarding the two new ways to play, Dontnod announced that they will include a narrative centered mode called Story Mode that aims to immerse players on the game's narrative by "de-emphasizing combat." The second mode, on the other hand, called the Hard mode will make combat more challenging and will slow player progression by lessening XP for killing enemies. This means that players will have to be creative and should prioritize sucking blood from innocent NPCs instead.

Together with the news on the upcoming update, Dontnod also announced that Vampyr will be 25 percent off on Steam until July 30. So if you haven't decided if you want to pick up the game, you can check out our full review of Vampyr here

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