Video: A ROCKET LEAGUE Racing Mode Looks Addicting

Browsing through some of the best montages of Rocket League that YouTube has to offer, I came across a video that featured a new Race Map for Rocket League. Naturally, my curiousity of a new mode to one of my favorite games got me to check it out. In short, it looked amazing! I would love to have a go at a race track like this against some friends, or even randoms. Check it out:

Thanks to YouTuber Jon Sandman for showing off this modded map, which you can download for PC yourself here. The map itself seemed to be a lot of fun, but the special set up they did for their race made the challenge look rather interesting.

Rocket League racing.jpg

I think Psyonix should include an official Race Mode and have a few standard tracks along with a few fun tracks. I mean, come on! We have rocket powered battle cars at our disposal and we use them to fly around a map for the craziest form of soccer ever invented, but we have yet to use them to actually race? Even Monster Jam has a couple races before getting into the stunts of the show! This would make for a new mode that I think multiple people could enjoy.

The video itself is exciting, but who here could see themselves playing this mode in Rocket League? I would be all over this just as much as I do to raise my competitive rank honestly.