WARFRAME: PLAINS OF EIDOLON Is The Expansion Players Have Been Waiting For

The ever-growing popular, free-to-play game Warframe has announced an upcoming expansion called Plains of Eidolon! This expansion is going to take Warframe out of the frame and throw players into the open world! Check out the teaser:

With this open world setting, players will be able to explore, fight, journey and fly through the landscapes of planet Earth! There will also be a new story for players to go through and find out through interactions with the various NPC running around.

While they were showing off their expansion at TennoCon 2017 they showed off a 17-minute video of the gameplay that will be featured in the expansion! Check it out:

It does look a bit like Destiny style gameplay, but I hope it is able to maintain the same kind of experience I have already had with the game as it is. With over 30 million players registered on PC, PS4, and XB1, how many of you are excited to get to explore much further in the game?