Watch A Cool Video About Shigeru Miyamoto's Philosophy To Gaming

It's tough to argue with the game design philosophy of a guy like Shigeru Miyamoto. The guy didn't just build Nintendo with his games, he ushered gaming into mainstream appeal. What would gaming be had Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, or The Legend of Zelda never been released? It's hard to say because it's impossible to talk about the history of gaming without mentioning any of them. 

I had a mixture of respect and frustration watching this video. On one hand, I commend Shigeru Miyamoto for his dedication to his philosophy and consistently creating quality games that fit within his vision. On the same token, I think his arrogance and refusal to ignore technologies when they are first catching on has prevented Nintendo from making any jumps in technology and hindered the growth of gaming. It sucks that one of gaming's most innovative minds doesn't enjoy jumping in on technology he considers a "trend" (like online gaming) and then years later finally relents and does it wrong! It's sad to think Nintendo is just now hitting a point where they're making online gaming as easy and accessible as Microsoft and Sony made it almost a decade prior. 

Watch the video and give me your thoughts: there's no denying Shigeru Miyamoto was vital to the success of Nintendo starting out...but is he still vital to that success going forward?