Watch And Salivate At DRAGON BALL Z Recreated In Unreal Engine

First we saw Zelda, then Mario, and now today we have Dragon Ball Z redone in the magic of Unreal Engine 4! Gamejerks first gave us the heads up about Emudshit, a self admitted "amateur developer" who is trying to recreate the world of Dragon Ball in the wonderful game engine. Though it is nowhere near a playable state, the visuals and small bursts of progress shown look incredible!

Titled Dragon Ball Unreal, the finished project is intended to be an online multiplayer game. As it's a fan project, I don't see this product going anywhere but straight to the web for the PC crowd, but it's still extremely cool to see what can be done with Unreal 4 with just one person working on something!

The first video is impressive, but I really like the two moons in the video below! I would really love to see someone with a lot of experience get in and really polish this thing out. There's a lot of potential here! Would love to see an actual Dragon Ball Z game like this!