Whats The Connection Between DEATH STRANDING And The Band LOW ROAR?

Before diving into the discussion, check out Low Roar's music video for 'Give Me An Answers.'

As a stand alone video, I didn't see any connection to the anxiously upcoming Kojima Productions launch game Death Stranding, but it was a strange video to say the least. I have found an argument by YouTuber, Positively Negative, who has brought the connection forefront and hard to argue with. Check out his entire breakdown:

You have to admit that he makes a lot of sense. There's little we know about the game, but there is a possibility that there are two dimensions and a device, with tentacle looking cords might I add, that will be needed to bring you back to the main games plain. For all we know, the black ink-like goo could be a direct connection to revival or possibly other supernatural properties.

The point where the guy was mad, did have more of a "lack of being able to partake" style to his pacing and anxious foot shaking rather than being mad for another reason. Also, what's with the driver just chilling outside saying "give me an answer" all night?

The one thing I want to point out is that he said the place was deserted, other than that one girl in the background, but if you look you see a couple cars go by as well. This should of been addressed, even in a joking way as he did with the girl walking. It negates the whole deserted idea. However, I give him props on putting this together and it is very likely more clues to what is going on. What are your thoughts on this possible connection? These Death Stranding videos are so strange. Like last year's video with Mads Mikkelsen.