World Record For CLUB PENGUIN Ban Shattered In 39 Seconds

Club Penguin is going out with a bang. While the vanilla server only has a couple weeks left before the game is rebooted, players are rushing through the game in an attempt to hold the speed running record for being banned from the game. Those attempting must start from an empty browser, enter their email, get past the signup page, and then try to get banned as quickly as possible.

While I'm sure the first video was uploaded as a joke, people are now racing to see how quickly they can get banned from the game. Right now the current record sits at a hair above 39 seconds...

The game is notorious for quickly banning people if they use foul language as opposed to just censoring the content like most other games would do. The banning is so rampant that it became a meme and people intentionally create an account just to get banned for saying ridiculous things. If you played this back when you were a kid, there was a good chance you got banned at some point! I would usually just sigh and go back to Neopets or Runescape, which opens up a whole new set of early Internet memories for me. 

You think you can beat this time?