Would you like Expensive Official SKYRIM Artwork For Your Game Wall?


Cook & Becker are, as they call themselves, next generation art dealers. They take art from a variety of media, including games, and turn them into masterful art prints. And now they have some Skyrim art prints available to get your greedy hands on.

And don't fool yourself... they won't come cheap. 'A Chance Encounter', featured here below, sells for $70, and that is without the frame. If you select to have the frame included, the price jumps to $215.


What is great is that these pieces of art are from the game concept artists and some are even officially signed by them. There's nothing we haven't seen before. They've just taken official images and made them into art prints.

So if you fancy some official signed artwork on your gaming wall, you can head on over to the online shop and order your own copies. If I had that kind of cash to set aside, I would definitely enjoy an official Dragonborn on my wall.  For your convenience, these are the other art prints available for purchase:



Source: Kotaku; Cook & Becker

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