XCOM 2 - An Interview with Composer Tim Wynn

Scoring TV shows and films since 1995 including shows such as Supernatural, Tim Wynn’s video game work continues to rock out like one would expect in XCOM 2. From the beginning of the album all throughout, it’s an action sci-fi sound that is likely to get your blood pumping and ready to send some aliens straight to kingdom come.

In this interview we talk about how opportunities can present themselves when you least expect them, and that one opportunity presented itself to Tim in the form of a game poster hanging in the mens room. Now neither Tim Wynn nor myself are recommending anyone go searching the men’s room for career opportunities. The point is that you never know where you’ll find something to talk about. So basically get out, do some legwork, stay hydrated, and start some conversations if you want cool things to happen.

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