You Gotta Watch This Hilariously Bad DESTINY 2 Commercial GameStop Made


GameStop is trying its best to promote Destiny 2 pre-orders ahead of launch, and apparently, its best is pretty bad. I think it's best to go into this one without too much background, so check out the short commercial, then continue on below for the breakdown as to how bad this is: 

What the hell was that? Two dudes, who look like Sims are watching a girl play Destiny 2 and commenting on the number of kills she's gotten? Is that a thing people do? Then, it all leads up to a punchline where the guy can't count so he should definitely defer to the Ghost kill tracker to keep track of all the noobs he's wrecking in game. 


Where did these voice actors come from? What was the budget of this commercial? Who is going to see this and be like "HELL YEAH, I NEED THAT."? 

Perhaps it's just best not to overthink it and laugh about how bad it is. 

Source: Destructoid