Here is a list of the common questions we get about GameTyrant Expo

  • Is it going to be dope?
    • Yes


  • Didn't GT-X lose a lot of money last year? Why are they doing it again when viewership is even lower now?
    • Yes, though most first year events lose money. We are doing it because we are committed to creating events for the smash community, plus we had a lot of fun last year, so why not?


  • Why isn't it being held in the Vivint Smart Home Arena again?
    • For a couple reasons, one being they didn't have available dates for the event and the other being it is a crazy expensive venue.


  • Where can I sign up to be a volunteer?
    • Join this Facebook page Here and when the time comes we will call upon your aid!


  • Where can I sign up for a media pass?
    • send an email to:


  • Who do I contact about being a vendor or a sponsor of GameTyrant Expo?
    • send and email to: