GameTyrant Expo 2018 Attendee Agreement and Rules


Table of Contents

  1. Event Rules

    1. Code of Conduct

  2. General Smash Tournament Rules

    1. Format

    2. Set Length

    3. Set Procedure

    4. Neutral Start

    5. Port Priority

    6. Pausing

    7. Stalling

    8. Sudden Death

    9. Stock and Controller Sharing

    10. Missing Teammate Clause

    11. Alting

    12. Colorblind Clause

    13. Warm-ups

    14. Coaching

    15. Double Blind Character Select

    16. Tardiness

    17. Collusion

    18. Misinterpretation/Misconfiguration

    19. Final Rulings

    20. Gentleman’s Clause

    21. Wireless Controllers

  3. Super Smash Bros. Melee

    1. Game Settings

    2. Stage List

    3. Stage Striking

    4. Stage Bans

    5. Stage Clause

    6. Controllers

    7. Neutral Start


  1. Event Rules

    1. Code of Conduct

      1. All entrants must be registered as a player/competitor, spectator, attendee, or media, or have the consent of the GameTyrant Expo staff to enter the venue. All attendees must keep their badges on through the duration of the event and keep their badge visible at all times.

      2. By entering the venue, you consent to having your likeness being used in any media recorded from the event for any publishing outlets.

      3. All attendees are responsible for their own belongings. By paying the registration as a player, spectator, media, or attendee, you agree that anything you bring into the venue is your responsibility. GameTyrant Expo staff, Gateway Mall, and any sponsors therein claim no responsibility for items which are lost, damaged, or destroyed as a result of being at the event.

      4. Any attendee caught manipulating with, tampering, or attempting to remove anything from any equipment or console in the venue without expressed consent from GameTyrant Expo staff will be immediately removed without refund.

      5. GameTyrant Expo staff reserve the right to deny entry into the venue or tournaments to any player suspected of committing anything considered a crime or acting in a manner that is detrimental to the integrity of the event.

      6. Physical violence and verbal abuse is grounds for removal from the venue without refund.

      7. Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is only permitted outside of venue as long as it is not within 25 feet of building entrances, exits, air intakes, or windows.

      8. Possession of drugs, alcohol, or weapons is forbidden.

      9. All ejections or disqualifications due to violations of the Code of Conduct or individual game rules will be without refund.

      10. Any issues that arise outside of these terms will be held on a case-by-case basis, and be judged by the GameTyrant Expo Staff.

      11.  GameTyrant reserves the right to change the venue of the tournament based on ticket sales

      12. GameTyrant reserves the right to change the prize pools of all events

      13. Children under at/under the age of 13 are required to fill out a parental consent form which can be found here
        and then emailed to OR parents must sign the waiver at the event before competition begins.

  2. General Smash Tournament Rules

    1. Format

      1. All players will be seeded into double elimination bracket groups. Players will advance either in winners or losers bracket. Players who advance in losers bracket will begin in losers bracket in the next phase.

    2. Set Length

      1. All sets are best-of-3 except for the following which are best-of-5:

Melee and Wii U singles: Top 32

Doubles Events: Top 16

  1. Set Procedure

    1. Players select their characters or Double Blind Character Select

    2. Use Stage Striking to determine the first stage

    3. The players play the first match of the set

    4. Winning player of the preceding match bans a stage/stages

    5. The losing player of the preceding match picks a stage for the next match

    6. The winning player and the losing player of the preceding match may choose to change characters.

    7. The next match is played.

    8. Repeat steps 2.3.4 through 2.3.7.

    1. Neutral Start

      1. If a player requests neutral start, the players must use the neutral port configuration described in section 3.7. This does not apply to Smash Wii U.

    2. Port Priority

      1. If an agreement cannot be made, the winner of a best of 1 game of Rock-Paper-Scissors will select port first, but strikes stage second.

    3. Pausing

      1. Pausing is only legal while either player remains upon their “own” respawn platform, and only for the purpose of summoning a tournament official or in the case of a controller malfunction. All other pauses will results in a 1 stock loss to the player who pauses the game. TO’s may remove more than 1 stock based on severity of the pause.

    4. Stalling

      1. Intentionally making the game unplayable is banned and at the discretion of the TOs. Stalling includes but is not limited to becoming invisible, continuing infinites past 300% and reaching a position that your opponent can never reach you. Stalling will result in a forfeit of the match for player who initiated the action.

    5. Sudden Death

      1. If a game goes to sudden death, the winner is determined by stocks and percentage at the time the match ends. When the timer hits 0:00, the player with the higher stock count is the winner. If both players are tied in stocks the player with the lower percentage is the winner. In the event when both players lose their last stock immediately or have a percentage tie, a 1 stock tiebreaker will be played with the time limit equal to the regular time limit divided by the regular number of stocks, rounded up. 2:00 min for Melee and 3:00 min for Wii U. The results of sudden death do not count.

    6. Stock and Controller Sharing

      1. Taking a partner’s stock is allowed in doubles. Trading controllers is not allowed.

    7. Missing Teammate Clause

      1. If a player’s teammate is not present for a match, that player may not replace their teammate with a CPU player. They may play without a teammate.

    8. Alting

      1. Alting results in immediate disqualification from tournament without refund. This includes using alternate tag/tags and/or hiding your identity to manipulate bracket/seeding. The only exception to this rule is if the player notifies the TO prior to the registration end date.

    9. Colorblind Clause

      1. Players may request that their opponent change colors to accommodate color blindness or if their color is indistinguishable from either the other team color or the stage background. The request must be made before the match starts.

    10. Warm Ups

      1. Warm up periods, button checks, and hand warming techniques may not exceed 30 seconds on the game clock .Violation of this rule may result in an automatic forfeit at the discretion of the TOs.

    11. Coaching

      1. Any coaching that happens during a set (anytime between the beginning of game one and end of the set) is banned. Players who violate this rule will be subject to DQ from event or removed from the venue.

    12. Double Blind Character Select

      1. Either player may request a double blind character select for the first game. In this situation, a third party is told, in secret, each player's character choice.

    13. Tardiness

      1. Anyone who is not present for their match by 10 minutes past the scheduled start time, without prior communication with TOs, is subject to a total DQ from the event.

    14. Collusion

      1. Players suspected of colluding may be immediately disqualified from the tournament. This includes intentionally throwing a match, splitting a payout, or committing any other form of bracket manipulation.The TO reserves the right to deny payout from event winnings to any player suspected of intentionally throwing a match, splitting a payout, or committing any other form of bracket manipulation.

    15. Misinterpretation/Misconfiguration

      1. Games or sets are not to be replayed due to a misinterpretation of the rules or a misconfiguration of game settings.; it is the player’s responsibilities to ask the TO for any clarification of the rule set in the event of a disagreement, and the outcome of a game or set will not be changed after the fact.

    16. Final Rulings

      1. If any unforeseen situations occur, judgment of TOs is final. The TO reserves the right to settle any unforeseen situations that may occur, and his judgement is final. In extreme situations, rules may be altered between phases of a tournament in the best interests of the event.

    17. Gentleman’s Clause

      1. There is no gentleman’s clause. Players may not play on any stage that is not on the legal stage list, and players may not agree to change the number of matches to be played in a set.

    18. Wireless Controllers

      1. All wireless controllers of all kinds are banned.

  2. Super Smash Bros. Melee

    1. Game Settings

      1. Stocks: 4

Timer: 8 Minutes

Handicap: Off

Damage Ratio: 1.0

Items: Off

Pause: Off

Team Attack: On

  1. Stage List

    1. Yoshi’s Story

Fountain of Dreams (Singles Only)


Final Destination

Dream Land

Pokemon Stadium (Doubles Only

  1. Counterpick Stage: Pokemon Stadium (Singles Only)


  1. Stage Striking

    1. Players play a best of 1 Rock-Paper-Scissors, and winner may choose to strike a stage first or select a port first. Stages are struck in a 1-2-2-1 order.

    1. Stage Bans

      1. After each game of the set, before counterpicking, the player who won the previous game may ban one stage from either the starter or counter pick list. This rule is not in effect for best-of5-sets.

    2. Stage Clause

      1. A player/team may not pick any stage they previously won on during the set.

    3. Controllers

      1. Wired GameCube Controller is the only legal controller.

    4. Game Version

      1. The official game versions are NTSC 1.02 and PAL for the Nintendo Gamecube, as determined by the location of the tournament, using standard memory card data with all characters and relevant stages unlocked. Divergences from this standard are to be announced at the time of the initial tournament listing.

      2. All consoles are to be set up only by TOs or by tournament helpers given this role explicitly. In case of a console reset or shutdown, a TO or tournament helper is to be consulted by the players for starting it properly again.

      3. Arduino Mods are Allowed

    5. Neutral Start

      1. The following Ports are to be used when a player/team invokes the neutral start rule. Players may elect to move to opposite sides of the stage and then count down prior to starting the match.