A Look at DYNASTY WARRIORS 9’s New Open World Features


Dynasty Warriors has been considered by many to already be an open world game, but KOEI TECMO is trying to expand on the capabilities and access to their giant enemy filled world. In Dynasty Warriors 9, players can expect to leave the beaten path behind in search of formidable enemies that are not just humans, like bandits and warriors, but also animals like wolves and other beasts. Players who take on the challenge of defeating these foes outside the main story line will be gifted with extra rewards or materials.

A new system in the game is the cooking system. Players can stop at tea houses and other retreats and make food that not only heals the warriors, but also gives them beneficial buffs to help them in their coming battles. Some of the buffs include increased strength, defense, and speed, as well as jump abilities and increased experience gains. The player will also be able to manipulate the time of day to aid in the speedy recovery of their character.

Crafting weapons will also be available in the new game. Gems, accessories and weapons will be available to be crafted as long as the player has collected not only the correct materials, but also the scrolls (plans) for the weapons. Once the player has everything, they can take their materials to a blacksmith to have them crafted.

The open world aspect of the game comes in the form of the vast world map, where players can use a horse to traverse the landscape and cover long distances. Your horses abilities can also be increased by fighting on horseback or riding for extended amounts of time in the world map. Many different horses will be available, all with different stats and abilities.


I’m excited for the direction the game is taking. Making it more dynamic instead of mindlessly grinding hordes of warriors nonstop. It will be cool to see if they take any inspiration from game like Hyrule Warriors.

A preview of the open world game play and a bunch more can be found in the video below:

For more information about Dynasty Warriors 9, Visit their official website.