A YEAR OF RAIN Is An RTS That Combines Classic Gameplay And Co-op!

When I heard that Daedalic was working on a “classic” RTS I got very excited. I grew up on the RTS genre and seeing it fade from the limelight was sad. Sure the MOBA genre arose from the RTS’s that came before them but they never held that same love for me. I need bases, resource gathering, units and heroes. Thankfully, A Year of Rain provides all of this! A year of Rain looks to journey back to the classic days of real time strategy while modernizing it with some awesome features.

First of all the whole campaign is co-op compatible so you can play it with a friend! Each player can also select a role that their army will play like support or attack. Which role you choose will impact what upgrades your units will get as the match progresses. The roles will also translate to PvP modes so you and your friends can plan accordingly to play styles! Heroes are also a key aspect of gameplay and calls back to the old days of Warcraft III! A hero can turn the tides of a battle and each has its own unique skills and traits.

When the game launches it will include 3 factions, House of Rupah, Wild Outcasts and Restless Undead, and various game modes including campaign and 2v2 multiplayer. An intriguing against all odds mode has also been announced that will pit 2 players as just hero units against 2 players that will have full command over base building and unit management. The mode sounds completely nuts so I can’t wait to see how it turns out!


From my short hands on demo during E3 2019 I walked away impressed with the overall feel of the game. I mainly played with the combat, but units responded well and engagements were a blast. A Year of Rain will launch on Steam early access later this year so keep a close eye on this one my RTS fans! I know I can’t wait to dig further into everything it has to offer.