Gameloft E3 Recap: A Trio of Mobile Games And An Impressive Switch Port!

Gameloft came to E3 2019 well prepared with a trio of licensed mobile games and a port of Asphalt 9 to the Switch! During the show I was given a basic rundown of each of the four upcoming titles check em out!

Disney Getaway Blast


Join your favorite Disney characters in keychain form as they vacation on a magical island! The island isn’t available all at once so it is up to you to play through various physics based puzzles to unlock new areas to explore and customize. Gameplay looked fun in motion as you need to blast away matching blocks and whatever remains realistically settles to the bottom of the screen. Some segments of play require a certain number of specific pieces to be destroyed before you can then move onto a new section. Be careful not to get your pieces stuck away from each other though as you won’t be able to continue and will need to retry the puzzle. As you progress through the game you will unlock new characters to play as and each will have a unique ability to help in solving the games many puzzles!

Disney Princess Majestic Quest


This match 3 puzzle game has players helping out their favorite Disney Princesses rebuild their kingdom after a magical storm. Each puzzle will get progressively harder and rebuild different sections of a given kingdom. gameplay looked nice in action and fans of games like Bejeweled or Panel de Pon should have no trouble quickly figuring out the basic gameplay mechanics. Special boosters can also be used to help solve a particularly hard puzzle. Disney Princess Majectic Quest will include over 60 levels when it launches!

LEGO Legacy Heroes Unboxed

Combining classic RPG turn based combat with classic LEGO sets from yesteryear has resulted in a wonderfully wacky adventure. Lego Legacy Heroes Unboxed is the LEGO RPG you never knew you wanted! As you journey through the game you can unlock new LEGO sets to add to your world. Each set can also be used during battles to give certain characters buffs or new abilities. My favorite part of my preview session was getting to see the expansive collection of set history the game will include. Everything from the year built to the number of pieces is included. Best yet, when a set is built, it builds according to the original release instructions! Combat also looked great to see in motion with various characters taking on waves of enemies. I seriously can’t wait for launch to play this one with my son who has just discovered LEGO not to long ago!

Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9 has been available on mobile devices for a while not but the game is also now coming to Switch! This might seriously be one of the most beautiful games to grace the platform with great looking cars, killer effects and awesome lighting. Performance for my preview session was also top notch and looked incredibly smooth! Asphalt 9 will include splitscreen and online multiplayer options when it launches this summer. Asphalt 9 is also going to be free to play so it will not require a Nintendo Switch Online account to access multiplayer modes. My Gameloft rep was also quick to point out that the whole game would be available to play and all content can be unlocked without making any purchases of the included microtransactions. For you arcade racing fans out there this will be a good one to keep your eye on!