After 4 Years, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Falls To OVERWATCH For Most Popular South Korean Game

In case you didn't know this, South Koreans love MOBA's. They're a dominant force in the competitive scene, and even stadiums dedicated to e-sports. So trust me when I tell you that this news from Eurogamer is a BIG DEAL.

For the first time in 4 years, League of Legends is not the most popular game in South Korea. This week metrics from gaming cafes reported 30% of gamer's played Blizzard's latest game Overwatch, and LoL came in 2nd with just under 28%. Not an insane difference, but a milestone considering the dominance the game has had on the country.

With competitive mode coming this week, it's safe to say popularity will only increase as teams are formed to compete on the professional level. I'm curious to see if the MOBA will truly fall out of favor in Korea, but I think that's highly unlikely.