After A Long Early Access, CONAN EXILES Gets Official Launch Date With Some Changes

The official launch date for Conan Exiles has finally been another by Funcom and it's not even a month away! Coming to the PS4, XB1, and PC on May 8th, after being on early access for 14 months, there will be some new features as well. With some positive feedback from the community and our first impression stating it has a lot of potential, there is a lot to look forward to. Check out the Countdown trailer:

There is an all-new combat system that will be introduced. They expect it to be a major improvement on the current combat system available and think it could revamp some of the gameplay aspects. One major change, that I'm sure many players will not be happy about, is that there will be no more automatically healing over time. You must now eat or drink potions in order to gain health back.

There is also going to be a could be areas and the map is being greatly expanded. The two mentioned areas being added is a Swamp and an active Volcano! The volcano will be above The Frozen North and you can see it with rivers of lava running down its slopes. If you climb into the volcano you find powerful new resources like obsidian plus a strange cult worshiping an ancient power.

Follow the big river east and you will find the swamp. This huge new area offers deep jungles, wet marshes and a sunny coastline filled with pirates. You can build well-protected castles or even entire cities up in the massive trees of the swamp. There are many new monsters to fight in the swamp and lots of places to explore, from the Pagoda of Boundless Lusts to Jamilia’s Liberty, a massive beached ship which the Black Hand pirates have made their home.

It seems that even if you have done everything there was to do in the early access, you will have new areas to explore and a whole new set of gameplay mechanics to learn. If you are interested in reading up on all the changes being introduced on launch, click here. What do you think of these changes? Are you excited for the official launch of Conan Exiles?