All Three AMNESIA Horror Games Coming To PS4 November 22nd

All three Amnesia games will be coming to PS4 November 22nd. The series is one of those typical walk around helpless jump scare games where you solve puzzles to escape. I used to think I hated that genre, then I played the alpha for Hello Neighbor and realized that isn't what I hate. Sure these games are a little scary, but for the most part, they're fun and add a sense of excitement to an otherwise lackluster puzzle game. 

What I realized I hate, is the Let's Players who play them. Unfortunately, that's exactly the focus of this trailer. Tense moments are ruined by my ears being ravaged by high pitched squeals and exaggerated reactions of Twitch personalities. I understand the market for that, and can't hate on anyone who does it, but how is this an appropriate way to market your game? 

"Listen to some Twitch personalities babble on while you miss out completely on the feel and tense nature of this game!" It pissed me off enough that I had to make mention of it in the post. Let the game stand on its own merits (which are mixed admittedly, but that's true with most games of this genre). 

No price for the game series as of yet but it's currently listed on Steam at $34.99