Amazing New Trailer Reveals Story For FINAL FANTASY XV

This new trailer for Final Fantasy XV not only offers a ton more footage, but finally gives us a clear explanation of what the game is about!

Noctis is the son of a king, that much we learned in the demo. What we now know is Noctis and his friends/bodyguards were out on a mission of sorts when a coup was performed on his father's kingdom. His father was killed and his sister was taken captive by presumably that guy with the magenta hair who looks as though he will be the bad guy. It's now up to Noctis and friends to, at the very least, get to his sister and hopefully regain his throne but it would appear Noctis has some growing to do before that happens. I'm taking a shot in the dark here but I would assume he learns what he needs to know along the journey. 

Final Fantasy XV releases November 29th.