Android 17 Finally Joins The DRAGONBALL FIGHTERZ Roster

17-and-18 (1).jpg

It wasn’t long after the original announcement of Dragonball Fighterz that many were wondering why Android 18 and 16 were both playable characters, but Android 17 was left behind. Bandai Namco then spent the next year adding various Goku and Vegeta forms, as well as a few other characters. The time has finally come where Android 17 is more than an assistant to Android 18 though as they have just announced the addition of Android 17 in a pretty awesome character trailer!

His fighting style makes me think of Bardock a bit, but with some obviously unique aspects. The question I had, as many of you likely thought, was if Android 18 would be an assistant to Android 17 when I first started the trailer. You do see that 18 jumped in, using the same fashion as 17 when playing as 18, in the trailer - albeit very briefly.

This is a very suitable character addition that many have been waiting on. Now the only thing left to ask yourself is: Is Android 17 worth purchasing as DLC? Personally I feel that this should be a free add-on character as he should of been part of the base game from the start. I still believe it didn’t make sense to have both Android 16 and 18 without 17 being his own playable character.

How do you feel about the addition of Android 17 to Dragonball Fighterz?