Top Performing Mobile Puzzle Game BESTLUCK Is Coming To Steam


Bringing a strange, quiet and powerful experience to a player through unknown scenarios and intriguing puzzle gameplay is a mix that is hard to come by. Developer fkkcloud, aka Jae Hyun Yoo, has created a game that has met these requirements and received plenty of proof to vouch for its engaging entertainment!

BestLuck is a puzzle game that was originally featured at E3 2017, which is where I got to personally play it during The Mix; an indie game show off party. This puzzle game was originally released on both Android and iOS where it has taken the Top Five paid puzzle game slot in eleven countries, three of which have listed it as number one! Now we can look forward to this highly awarded puzzle game coming to Steam in October.

I have to say that I’m not surprised to see that BestLuck is performing well after the demo I got to play at The Mix last year. It showed a lot of promise then and has obviously lived up to its expectations. This will be a title all about the experience that the quiet story provides and the gameplay that will keep you thinking of what strange solution will solve each puzzle.

If you aren’t a mobile gamer, but love a good puzzle game, then this is the kind of announcement then next month is sure to be an interesting one for you. What do you think of BestLuck and how do you feel about this mobile puzzle title coming to Steam?