Shirogane-sama Shows off Her Sexy PERSONA 5 Cosplay Suit


There have been some awesome Cosplays this year, and one of the most utilised for expos has been Persona 5. There was even a group of cosplayers that rocked up at the annual Anime Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Centre dressed as Persona 5 button configurations!

Always on the lookout for the most trending cosplays, I discovered this Persona 5 cosplay where Ann Takamaki is being portrayed by Shirogane-sama on Facebook, and she is absolutely stunning. That costume looks incredibly authentic and makes me wonder where she had it made. The fantastic photography was done by pollypwnz, and here are some more images for you to drool over.

Meeeow! I love how people really go to such lengths to dress up as their favourite characters. I'm going to be spending a lot more time in Reddit and Facebook cosplay communities this month to see if any cosplayers dress up as game characters in Christmas themes. I'm imagining an Ivy from Soul Calibur with tinsel around her neck, or perhaps a new Tomb Raider cosplay with Christmas lights decked around her twin pistols (no pun intended). Maybe we'll even get some Goku and Vegeta Christmas fight offs if anyone dares.

If you catch any cool Christmas gamer cosplays out there, give me a holler in the comments or tweet us a link. You can even send us a Facebook message if it's really that good that you feel it should be covered. For now, let us know what you think of Shirogane-sama coverage of Persona 5's Ann.

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