ANTHEM Is Causing System Shutdowns On PS4...

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Article contains affiliate links which provide commission to

Anthem is yet another game to launch this generation with its fair share of problems. Unfortunately, rather than having a broken lobby system or other in game bug, Anthem is actually affecting PS4 consoles themselves. Reports have started to appear over the weekend about Anthem randomly shutting off PS4 consoles. Some reports have even stated the game has bricked their PS4’s. Outside of the claim no proof has been brought forward showing proof of actual bricking but regardless the issue is still pretty serious.

When a PS4 is unexpectedly turned off there will always be the risk of damaging the hard drive contained in the system. depending on the situation you could have to reinstall games, the PS4 OS or outright replace the drive itself. The issue has become serious enough that even EA has begun to investigate what could be causing the problems and is asking users to report on their help forums when a crash occurs.

Due to the frequency of these crashes it has even been reported that Sony has begun offering refunds on the title to anyone who may have purchased it digitally. While this issue does seem to be predominantly a PS4 one there have been a few reports of a similar crash on Xbox One. Hopefully with the help of players this issue can soon be brought to an end so those who enjoy the game can get back to it!

Have you been affected by the Anthem crashes? let us know your experience below.