APOCALYPSE NOW Video Game Drops Kickstarter And Asks For $5 Million On Personal Site

Usually, when a game fails to reach its Kickstarter goal they go back to the drawing board, or perhaps realize the game they are offering does not appeal to a mass audience. After reaching about $172,000 of it's $900,000 goal the Apocalypse Now game dropped Kickstarter and has now gone to a personal website and asking for $5 million! Granted, that's not a lot in terms of what some games run in terms of development costs, but that's enough money where you stop peddling to an audience and pitching to game studios.

So this is where you should ask the question, why aren't they pitching this to game studios? If their game is as awesome as "Fallout: New Vegas on acid in Vietnam", why are video game publishers not scrambling for their pocketbooks? This, hopefully impossible, crowdfunding goal would be a drop in the pot for most of the big players in gaming, and the fact they aren't biting shows you shouldn't either. Unfortunately, the game has already hit $169,000. 

You can back the game if you want, but remember without Kickstarter you ain't getting that money back if they don't hit their goal. That makes me even more leery to back then the promise of the game itself, which is supposedly releasing in Fall of 2020 provided they hit their goals.

If my point isn't hitting home, let me make this clear. The odds of you ever seeing this game being made is super low, the odds of you playing said game and being impressed even lower, and the odds of you giving a non-refundable $25 donation to some guys with their head in the clouds is super high.  I only write this because I know how many GeekTyrant and GameTyrant readers were excited about this project and as cool as it would be to see a game based on the iconic film, I don't see it happening with this project. Let's just move on and forget it ever happened. Actually, a bunch of game developers taking Francis Ford Coppola for a ride on a long con video game heist sounds like a decent premise for an indie film, don't you agree?