Apparently Osama Bin Laden Was Playing ANIMAL CROSSING And POKEMON DIAMOND While In Hiding


Turns out one of America's greatest enemies of the past couple decades was also a Nintendo fan. In news you wouldn't believe if it wasn't for the fact it came from the CIA, Osama Bin Laden's hard drive in which he used during years of hiding contained tons of anime and Nintendo DS Roms. Among them, Pokemon Diamond, and Animal Crossing.  

There were other games of course like Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil, and New Super Mario Bros, but who the hell would've thought the same man who claimed responsibility for the 9/11 terrorist attacks was also a guy on the line to Tom Nook for some pricey home upgrades?

Beyond the games, there was also tons of anime. Naruto and Dragon Ball, in particular, are mentioned, and there is confirmation that someone watched Advent Children: Final Fantasy VII on the hard drive. The video game connections bleed in once again as it was even uncovered that Bin Laden had the entirety of the Devil May Cry anime series ready to go.

So what does all this mean? With no leads from the CIA, we can assume that someone in his compound was utilizing this media, if it wasn't Bin Laden himself. Truth be told, we'll probably never know, but the fact that its all there on a hard drive that likely contains terrorist files and things of that nature are flat-out baffling. Especially considering Bin Laden was in his mid-40s to 50s when he evaded capture and was not exactly a fan of things with a Western influence.

I guess gaming reaches out to all types.

Source: Comicbook