AWAY Hosts 3-Game Giveaway On First Day Of Their Upcoming Kickstarter


One of the games featured in PlayStation’s State of Play is gearing up for a crowdfunder in order to include the most requested aspect in their upcoming game AWAY: The Survival Series. That’s right, Breaking Walls is looking to include the highly requested ability to play as other animals and insects that you will meet along your journey.

While AWAY is a game that will follow the journey of the Sugar Glider, they are hoping that they will be able to provide a few more game experiences for the players. The amount hasn’t been listed yet, but their Kickstarter is set to go live on this coming Tuesday, June 25th.

Not only are they hoping to expand on the experience their game will provide players, they are also hosting a giveaway to those who help fund their game on the first day of the crowdfunding campaign! If you visit their Kickstarter on the launch day and help fund, they plan to include three of their favorite animal games: Shelter 2, The First Tree, and Niche. They haven’t provided details as to how much you will have to fund to get these games included, but it is sure to be less than the $50 value that the 3-game pack is worth!