Survive The Wild In The Survival Series Beginning Title AWAY


During the short game announcement stream State of Play from PlayStation, there were a few games announced. One of these new games announced was Away by Breaking Walls. In this game you will play as a Sugar Glider as you try to survive a journey through the wilderness. Facing natural disasters and actual predators, there is going to be a constant struggle to survive.

Seeing as its full title is AWAY: The Survival Series, I would expect that this is just the first of many nature documentary inspired titles from Breaking Walls. It is always interesting to play a game from a completely different perspective and I am intrigued that they chose to start off with a Sugar Glider. By far, the scariest moment shown in the trailer has to be the spider at the end, so if you have arachnophobia like me, prepare yourself.

There is no set launch date for Away as of yet, but we can expect it to launch on both Steam and PlayStation 4 once it is ready. Do you have what it takes to survive the wild?