Awesome Trailer For Co-op Adventure Game A WAY OUT

A new game from EA features some of the coolest co-op I've seen in awhile and, if done right, could be game changing for the genre of adventure. A Way Out puts you in the shoes of two separate and unique prisoners with their own stories. Take a look at the description and continue on.

A Way Out offers something for everyone - may it be lean back or intense gameplay moments, action, adventure, exploration, puzzles, chase, stealth. The narrative keeps you on your toes, offering a fresh, unique and compelling experience throughout. Get a unique look into the character’s personal lives and their driving motivations through their interaction with others as strong cinematic moments tie the plot together and propel the characters forward through their journey.

Of course everything looks better in an E3 trailer than in real life, but I can't help but get swept up in the hype considering how awesome this could potentially be! Check out the first trailer below and look out for the game in early 2018.