Japanese Cats and Dogs are Getting Samurai Armor Now

You know how cute it is to dress up our favorite little pets in our country's cultural clothes? Maybe some cowboy boots with tiny spurs, or maybe prop a Poodle up with a Lincoln hat? Well, the Japanese have stepped up to the plate. They now have designer Samurai suits made for their cats and dogs.

Now doesn't that just look comfortable? All that's missing are its helmet, sword and XP meter. The company that makes them is called Samurai Age and is based in Fukuoka, Japan. Apparently the suit is made from a light foam resin and polyurethane so that it doesn't way the pets down.

We're not sure what's next for these adorable domestic animals. Maybe we will see a Last Samurai 2, where a samurai canine goes on a mission to find a special herb that will resurrect Capt. Nathan Algren from his grave. Or, a new Karate Kitty movie to replace Kung Fu Panda. 

We tried to reach these cute animals for comment, but they were unfortunately away on an important meditation.


Source: KOTAKU

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