Unlike the ballet of brutality displayed in the fighting style of it's titular hero, the PC launch of Batman: Arkham Knight was far from graceful. While the console versions of the game received rave reviews, the number of game breaking bugs hiding in the PC version of the game resulted in an unprecedented number of returns. The sheer number of complaints about the game ultimately caused major distributors like Steam to pull the game from their storefronts. Following the recent batch of DLC and updates however, WB Games issued a statement claiming that the game will be relaunching for PC users "in the coming weeks." While the statement doesn't provide any exact dates or details about the game's return, it at least indicates that progress is being made and that we should, hopefully, see a stable version of the game back in the Steam Store soon.

A patch was released shortly after launch which fixed many of the bugs, but not before the damage was done. A number of gamers are likely to shy away from WB Games' future PC launches as a result of Arkham Knight's initial failures. Whether this re-release can bring those who were negatively affected by launch-day problems back on board remains to be seen.

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