Bethesda Previews Awesome Looking "Homestead" Addition To ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls: CRIBS. In all seriousness though, it looks like you'll be able to build some impressive houses in The Elder Scrolls Online when their "Homestead" expansion drops in February. Check out a trailer and continue reading below...

I can't decide who has the coolest house in this game, but I'm leaning towards the Craglorn. While setting up a home for you to live in is cool in The Elder Scrolls...what's the point in having one? My character rarely slept in Skyrim, let alone put down roots in a location! That said, having a cool house for bragging rights and to horde massive amounts of needless stuff might be all it takes for me to give this a shot. Is it enough to make you play ESO? 

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