Starbucks Memo To Employees Leaks New Pokemon Coming To POKEMON GO December 8th

A mysterious and legitimate memo sent to Starbucks employees says that new Pokemon will be coming this Thursday to Pokemon Go. The news first appeared on the subreddit for the game, in which multiple Starbucks employees confirmed that this company memo was sent out to employees...

As it stands, it's unclear as to whether this is the BIG update that will unleash the entire Pokedex of Pokemon Gold and Silver into the game...or if it's just one specific Pokemon. I'm positive we will likely see the Gold and Silver update before Christmas to get people back into the game when they visit family, but the Pikachu on the memo makes me think this may be a specific Pokemon event. It just seems weird that they would specifically put one picture of Pikachu and no other Pokemon underneath the keywords. It could also mean they knew this would leak and tried to keep the details at a minimum. 

As you can see from the picture, Starbucks will also be showcasing a specific frap for the event that contains a whole lot of actually sounds pretty gross. Berries were a key addition to Pokemon Gold and Silver though so....I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE! Can we get some official confirmation from somebody soon?!