Black Canary Is Kicking Ass In New INJUSTICE 2 Footage

She may not be the strongest of the DC heroes, but you wouldn't know it from this footage. Black Canary is absolutely kicking ass in this 6-minute compilation of her fighting heroes in the ongoing beta for Injustice 2. In this video, you'll see the heroine square off against Batman and Supergirl, and look damn good doing it! You'll also see plenty of use of what I would say is one of least talked about new features of Injustice 2, your power meter.

You'll notice to the left of the superhero charge there's a separate meter that charges up your special power. When we watched a demo at E3 this was explained to be some small ability to use on the fly. With Batman it unleashes batarangs which can be used to chip damage and string combos. With Black Canary, it appears her screech is used as a knockback or stun when she gets overwhelmed by an enemy. 

As much as I want to boycott this game for the high price it's asking on launch, it's looking fun as hell! I'm gonna try and stay strong, but if you lack the willpower keep in mind that Injustice 2 launches May 16th.