New Characters And Playstyles Revealed In Exciting New Footage For ARMS

A new Japanese trailer for the Nintendo Switch exclusive ARMS is jam-packed with new characters and playstyles available to you in the game. In this trailer we meet Ninjara, Master Mummy and Mechanica who all have wildly different playstyles than the first two characters we've seen in the game. Ninjara (as you might guess) is able to grapple and use ninja moves in order to pull off combos on his opponent. Master Mummy is more of a tank meant to take hits and wait for the perfect time to devastate you with his high damage output. Mechanica I'm kind of lost on the difference between her and Master Mummy. She looks like she's able to do damage more quickly but perhaps her damage is not as strong as other characters?

In either case, this game was largely slept on immediately after the Switch presentation but is finally starting to get some attention now that people have seen that this game is more than a port of Wii Sports Boxing. I'm betting that once the dust clears after the Zelda hype, you're gonna see a lot of people talking about this game! ARMS is slated for 2017, which I'm assuming means we will not be playing it at launch. That's fine, we're all gonna be playing Zelda anyway.