BREACH Announces Official Early Access Launch Date For Next Week

Launching a game into an Early Access version is a great way for players to get a taste of what the full game is going to have. The different between this and a demo is that once the player has the Early Access version of the game, all they are waiting on is future updates. It is also a win-win approach to funding the project so the development team can keep up, if not speed up, the process that will bring the game to completion.

QC Games has been teasing their upcoming Early Access for their action RPG title, Breach, with their latest character classes, but now they have finally given us an official launch date. Breach is set to go into a paid Early Access this January 17th on Steam, with a free-to-play final launch that doesn’t have a set date yet. They released a new trailer for the Early Access launch as well:

While you will be able to build your own hero to create your own ideal set up to battle monsters on an adventure that fuses modern and mythological Earth, players can switch sides and play as the menacing Veil Demon, a malevolent spirit that wreaks delightful havoc on and brings doom to aspiring heroes. With the ability to change your class at any time, customizing your own character is sure to make this a game with a play style that suits every gamer out there.

If you plan on picking Breach up when it launches, I suggest you go ahead and grab it on pre-order. If you pre-order the game before January 17th, you will be awarded bonus content that won’t be available the moment Breach goes up on Steam.