CES 2019: Retro-Bit Showcases Finalized Sega Controllers And A New Nomad Style Handheld!


Back in august Retro-Bit announced a new collaboration with Sega to produce new reproduction controllers for the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) and Sega Saturn. Initial prototypes were shown off that same month at Gamescon in Germany. Initial previews for the new controllers have been positive and this week at CES Retro-Bit has finally unveiled the final version of these eagerly awaited replacement controllers!

For anyone looking to pick up one of these new controllers the wait won’t be long with the announced release date being February 28! As announced in August during the initial reveal the following styles will be available.

  • Genesis Wired 6-Button Original Port Controller (Black, Clear Blue)

  • Genesis Wired 8-Button USB® Port Controller (Black, Clear Blue)

  • Genesis Bluetooth® Controller (Black)

  • Genesis Bluetooth® Receiver

  • Saturn Wired Original Port Controller (Black, Slate Grey)

  • Saturn Wired USB® Port Controller (Black, Slate Grey)

  • Saturn Bluetooth® Controller (Black)

  • Saturn Bluetooth® Receiver

The biggest surprise coming out of CES for Retro-Bit however is the reveal of a new Sega Nomad style portable Genesis system! No release date has been revealed at this time for the new portable but it is suggested it will sale for around $80. from the revealed pictures it does appear the handheld will utilize a widescreen LCD which would imply stretching will be used during play. On another note this handheld will include a reset button so there won’t be incompatibilities like on the original Nomad. This will definitely be an item to keep an eye on for all you Genesis fans out there!

While the Sega collaboration has taken center stage that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to get excited about for you Nintendo fans out there! Also revealed this week is a new reprint of Metal Storm for NES which wlll be available exclusively at Castlemania Games and Limited Run Games. The reprint will be available in both regular and limited editions and as of this writing Pre-Orders haven’t yet started.

The last big announcement for Nintendo fans comes in the form of new wired and wireless Nintendo 64 controllers! These new controllers bear a striking resemblance to the Hori Pad Mini, which many consider to be the best N64 controller. The wireless controller also includes a memory card slot on the console side to ensure compatibility with games that needed the accessory. These new controllers are expected to begin shipping March 28.

What do you think of all the new reveals from CES? Is there anything you are eager to get your hands on? Let us know below!