Could PS4 Finally be getting EA Access?

EA Access the subscription service that allows you to download EA games and play them on your console might be finally coming to PlayStation 4! A new image has been circulating the web that supposedly originated from the Brazilian PlayStation Store clearly shows EA Access on the PS4 home screen. While this is hardly concrete proof it would be cool to see the service make its way over to the PS4.

EA Access has been available on Xbox One since late 2014 and was followed by Origin Access on PC 2 years later in 2016. At the time of release, EA Access had been pitched to both Microsoft and Sony with the Sony deciding against allowing it on the platform. In the years since release, EA access has been expanded to include discounts on EA titles, for anyone looking to purchase them to own, and has given players 7 day early access periods to a majority of EA’s new releases.

On Xbox One EA access offer players the ability to play games from all 3 generations of Xbox consoles thanks to built in backwards compatibility. For the service on PS4 it will be interesting to see exactly how offering multi-generation titles will be handled if at all. if nothing else a healthy selection of current gen EA titles being accessible for a low cost for fans is never a bad choice to have.

As with all rumors take this with a grain of salt until official confirmation can be given.

Are you interested in EA Access becoming available on PlayStation 4? Share your thoughts below!