Cyanide & Happiness Battle Royale Game RAPTURE REJECTS Hosts Open Beta Weekend

If you haven’t heard already heard about it, Cyanide & Happiness have decided to jump on the Battle Royale bandwagon and developed their very own game around the mode. Rapture Rejects is a raunchy comedy filled murder spree title will have players facing off against each other until there is only one damned survivor left standing!

Personally, I’d say this isn’t the best way to handle being the last of humanity to be left after the rapture has taken the rest of civilization to heaven, but if you are going to be stuck in a demon wasteland then go find some guns and have some fun! Check out the launch trailer:

That’s right, if you go to their Steam page right now you will find that Rapture Rejects is now available for early access. This version of the game will be available long after the weekend, but until 10am PST on December 3rd, all players can give this cartoon mayhem a try themselves! You can even build your own character to give yourself a little bit of your own creativity, even though you are likely just going to end up dead within minutes anyways.

Will you be hoping into the forgotten wasteland of God’s banished ones to claim your right as the ultimate asshole this weekend?