Cyanide & Happiness Announce Battle Royale Game RAPTURE REJECTS

The call for Battle Royale games seem to be far from over. We got confirmation that Battlefield 5 will have the game mode and now a raunchy comedy cartoon favorite has made their own game surrounding the popular game mode.

Cyanide & Happiness has announced Rapture Rejects, a top down Battle Royale game that will be full of gore and salty players. You can even sign up now to get the alpha. With a title and trailer featuring their usually form of comedy, this game just might be here for the laughs more than thrills. Check it out:

It does seem to be a different approach to the mode and is certain to have a whole different play style than the version that had become popular with Fortnite and PUBG. Originally announced during E3 2018, it is probably the most fitting game they come announce a game studio with, considering the current gaming trends.

What do you think about the Cyanide & Happiness Battle Royale game, Rapture Rejects?