David Hayter Revisits METAL GEAR SOLID In Latest Boundary Break Episode


The legendary Solid Snake's voice actor, David Hayter, has revisited the original Metal Gear Solid game from 1999 in partner with Shesez during his latest Boundary Break episode. So, not only does this video include some in depth behind-the-scenes footage, map zoom-outs, and interesting answers to the top questions for whats going on outside of what you can see in the game; it also is introduced by Solid Snake himself! Check it out:

I think my favorite clip from the video was the zoom out of Metal Gear itself. Getting a full view of the machine in action brought a whole new level admiration for its creation. Not to mention the horror concept of a machine like that existing in real life!

During the video, Shesez mentions some other projects that David Hayter is in. I checked them out and want to highlight the horror movie for a second because it looks so good. I don't know why it has such a low view count on YouTube, but you guys should definitely check it out! I'm not sure what role he actually plays for the film, as I didn't see him in the trailer, but I am just happy it was brought to my attention.

If you do follow Shesez's Boundary Break series then you know that he covered the Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes reboot game on the Gamecube as well. It is interesting to see that not only are the games different when it comes to the cutscenes, but also in the development itself. Game development is an intricate process and it goes to show that even a reboot can get some changes that don't even show.

What did you think of the Metal Gear Solid episode? Think he left a section of the game out that you would of wanted to explore?