SSGSS Vegeta Enters The DRAGONBALL FIGHTERZ Battlegrounds

With the Dragonball FighterZ game launch approaching at the end of this month, Bandai Namco is still showing off some new roster additions to help us gear up for the game. Now, only weeks after announcing SSGSS Goku, they have announced that they have officially added the second most favorite character of the entire Dragonball series in his own SSGSS form. Say hello to SSGSS Vegeta!

I love that they show off the new characters by having them in high velocity action and kicking some serious ass on another character! Upon the reveal of SSGSS Goku we got to see him annihilate SSGSS Vegeta, which was pretty much the original announcement that he will be added to the game. With SSGSS Vegeta, it is time for him to get some sweet revenge!

This game looks so beautifully done and really looks like we are going to be taking control of our favorite characters from the still-growing popular anime series that most of us have grown up with. Even the opening cinematic looked incredibly epic!

They are showing off all characters, videos, and trailers in Japanese. If you aren't aware yet, then feel the comfort of knowing that they are going to be launching the game with English dubs as well. You will get to hear all the cool intros, victory speeches, and all other voiced sections of the game.

If you haven't seen the large roster announcement that tells of most the characters that are going to be available on the roster, then check the roster announcement out. It even breaks down the Shenron system, which is a pretty unique aspect that this Dragonball game will have that previous ones didn't.

Be honest, how hyped are you to get Dragonball FighterZ on January 26th?!