Deal: Nintendo Selling Limited Edition New 3DS XL's For Only $99 On Black Friday

Black or white, it doesn't really matter. You can own either for a steal if you're able to take advantage of Nintendo's Black Friday deal where they will sell two new models of the New 3DS XL for only $99. Typically it costs around $200 to get this latest model new...and then you also have to pay for its charger separately so this is a steal!

Your options (if you didn't get my Michael Jackson reference earlier) are Black and white...

Just so we are clear on the distinction, the "New 3DS XL" is not the same as the "3DS XL" so don't trick yourself when you're out shopping. The big difference between the two is that the "New 3DS XL" features a face tracking system for when you play games in 3D which make the experience loads better than it was with earlier generations. It's a small difference but once you play both you'll see how it's well worth the money if you're wanting to game in 3D. 

Thanks to The Verge for the heads up and helping us with our Black Friday shopping deals!