Bethesda Announces Mods For FALLOUT 4 Will Be Coming To PS4 After All

Bethesda has made the decision to bring mods to Fallout 4 on PS4 after all. The company sent out a tweet yesterday afternoon confirming the mods would be part of a later update on the system. 

This comes after a dramatic "fallout" between the two companies back in September where Bethesda publicly stated Sony was attempting to place restrictions on the mods. Back at the time, it felt to me like a power move as it happened not long after fans gave a mixed response to the PS4 Pro. 

It would appear now that things are smoothed over, but with Bethesda offering little to no detail, it's not immediately clear who caved. Did Sony stand their ground and Bethesda break hoping to boost Skyrim Remastered PS4 sales, or did Sony relent and let Bethesda release the mods the way they want to the platform? Considering Fallout mods and now Skyrim mods were announced, we can assume that this deal was fairly recent as Bethesda likely doesn't have mod support ready for PS4. 

Either way, I think we can all be glad this pissing match is over.