Love and Hate

POSSIBLE SPOILERS - With the recent news that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has sold over 2 million copies already, it’s a true confirmation that the geniuses at From Software, who also created the SoulsBorne series, are on a roll. I mistakenly went into Sekiro thinking that it was Dark Souls in ancient Japan. Boy oh boy, was I wrong. Even though there are some Souls-esque nods like resting at sculptor’s statues (bonfires) and dying results in enemies reset and progress is taken back to your last statue, that is about where the similarities end. I’m not the most skilled gamer on Earth but I did beat Dark Souls III and Bloodborne recently which have me a little From cred. Even with those wins I dove straight into the game. I still have not beat it. IMHO, Sekiro is much more punishing and in some ways.. more rewarding. Wait.. what?! I love this game. I hate this game

This wench will haunt your dreams..

Glutton for Punishment

You will die in Sekiro. You’ll die hundreds of times. You’ll curse, be tempted to throw and possibly damage your controller but you will also shout for joy upon beating even bosses (I terrified my children when I beat the above Lady Butterfly which I think is one of the toughest bosses ever for an early game challenge) and you cheer. Does this sound stressful, grueling and a conundrum of awesome and suck? Well, that’s because it is. There have been dozens of moments where I’ve almost given up saying, “This is impossible.” or “This game just isn’t for me. I want Dark Souls IV..” yet I GIT GUD, beat another boss and continue the journey..

One of those beautiful, peaceful moments in Sekiro. Enjoy them, as they are extremely rare and short lived.

Either You’re In or You’re Out

Look, if you want a challenge and can handle the stress, I give Sekiro my highest recommendation. It has some of the most brilliant bosses, environments, and unique story in recent memory. If you are looking for a game that holds your hand, protects you, rewards you constantly, and pats you on the back, this is not it. If you thought you were gud at From Software games, throw that all away as Sekiro is quick, brutal and completely unforgiving and I absolutely love and hate every moment…

F&%# This Monkey!