DEATH STRANDING Will Also Star Troy Baker And Emily O'Brien


Death Stranding by Metal Gear series creator, Hideo Kojima, has been one of the most highly anticipated announcements last year. During 2017’s Game Awards, fans of the upcoming title finally got a reveal trailer that looks awesome, but also a bit confusing with its changing environment and something about an explosion that the trailer kept on repeating, but then again, this is a Kojima game after all. The announcement also confirmed Norman Reddus’ part in the game, and now, voice actors Troy Baker, from The Last of Us, and Emily O’ Brien from Days Gone, joins the cast of Kojima’s upcoming game. 

In an Instagram post by O’Brien, showing Reedus, Baker, and herself, she wrote:  “Honored to be working alongside these two fine lads on [Hideo Kojima’s] new project Death Stranding.” 

Furthermore, Troy Baker is known for his involvement in games such as The Last of Us, Infamous Second Son, Uncharted, and Bioshock. On the other hand, O’ Brien’s contribution to video games includes Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy, League of Legends, and Days Gone. Lastly, Norman Reedus has been famous for his role in The Walking Dead, and the canceled video game, Silent Hills PT. 

In terms of the progress of Death Stranding’s development, Kojima has been sharing some details on the game including, elements such as death, and how it will encompass elements of social media. Given that the game is still in development, Death Stranding is still covered with a cloud of mystery. The game is being built using the Guerilla Games’ Decima Engine, and Kojima hinted during the TGS event that the game may launch in 2018. 

Are you excited with the inclusion of Troy Baker and Emily O’Brien in Death Stranding? What are your expectations of the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.