Demo Release Date For PULANG INSANITY Revealed In Latest Teaser

It won’t be long before E3 2019 and there are already news coming from all different sources. From AAA companies trying to tease and build hype leading up to the event to indie teams trying to grab gamers attention while they are ready for some news, the anticipation is sure to be met with more titles than we are prepared for.

One of the more quiet teams, OzySoft, has been working on their upcoming horror title Pulang Insanity in the shadows since we last heard from them back in 2017. The better news about this teaser they shared is that there is an official release date for both their Demo and Story Trailer. Not only that, but they are confirming that the full game is set to release within Q3 2019!

Planned to launch on Steam, which currently only has the old Greenlight page set up, Pulang Insanity will release its first playable version on June 28th. That’s not even a full month away! It’s great news to see that this game didn’t die off and are not only ready to release some more news, but just about ready to get the full game out. The wait is almost over for this Indonesian mythological culture-based horror game.